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AK47 Gel Ball Blaster Toy Gun for Kids

  • [Easy to use] Our product configuration. 1 gel ball blaster, about 3000 hydrogel balls, 1 protective glasses, 1 battery, 1 rechargeable USB cable, 1 i-nfrared sight, 1 magazine, 1 shoulder strap, 1 stock, Follow the complete instructions, this gel ball blaster is easy to assemble/and disassemble. 7-8 mm gel water must be used.

  • [Rechargeable and fully automatic] After turning on the electronic switch of the gel water  launcher, you can launch/water balloons by pulling the trigger/directly. It fires gel water balloons continuously, quickly and automatically, with a maximum range of approximately 65 feet. The battery comes with its own USB charging cable and can be recharged repeatedly.

  • [Usage advice] The gel water is clean and biodegradable/. The gel balls break up into small particles and slowly evaporate and disappear when they encounter an obstacle. They are non-staining and h-armless/. The Toy Blaster measures26cm x 26cm and is suitable for use by people aged 12 years and over. Safety/glasses must be worn when using. When filling the gel balls, do not allow water to enter the hopper/. Do not SHOOT/ people's faces and animals.

  • [Best Outdoor Game Choice] Family outdoor shooting games are fun/. The perfect toy for individual and team players, children and adults. It's great entertainment for physical activity, aiming skills, observation and STAMINA/ - New version with glowing gel balls for increased visibility in the dark. You can get a better gaming experience at night.