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Remington MSR Shell ejection Sniper Rifle


Remington MSR is the one of the top ten sniper rifles in the world.

Modular design and powerful firepower enable it to defeat many competitors and become the ace rifle of the US Special Forces.

Products include: sniper rifles, metal brackets, sight, magazines X 2, flash hiders, Shells X 10, Darts X 40.


1.The weight of the whole gun is about 5.5 Pounds, the length is 45 inches, the firing device and internal structure are made of alloy.

2.Range 35-50 feet, bolt-acting rifle, shell ejection by pulling bolt, the backrest of the gun can be folded.

3.Built according to the real gun 1:1, the appearance and internal structure are perfectly restored.

4.Both in the game and in the real world, these two sniper rifles are very popular, and it also provides the Asiimov color scheme in CS:GO.

5.This toy rifle uses EVA safety Darts, even children can play as much as they want.

6.It should be noted that please do not take it to play in public places, lest the police think you are holding a real gun.

Material: Metal + nylon material

Age Range: 14 y+

Toy guns are very special products, and the transportation time may be longer than ordinary products.